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Dosal Tobacco Corporation (Dosal) is a Florida-based and family-owned business with more than 300 Florida families depending upon them for employment. In its main manufacturing plant in Miami and two distribution centers in Central Florida, Dosal directly employs 130 Floridians providing health care and pension benefits.  Its network of distributors across the state employs an additional 150 Floridians.  Dosal is dedicated to providing a variety of employment opportunities in South Florida and across the Sunshine State.

Based on its Cuban-American family tradition, Dosal is committed to a quality product at an affordable price to the adult consumer tracing back to its roots with Competidora Gaditana which began in Spain.  Later in the 1920’s, Competidora Gaditana was acquired in Cuba by Martin Francisco Dosal from its founder’s family. Through hard work and commitment to produce a quality product, Dosal became one of the top three cigarette manufacturers in Cuba.

In the late 1950’s after free Cuba fell to the communists, Dosal relocated to Miami, Florida, where Martin Roberto Dosal, son of Martin Francisco Dosal, rebuilt the Dosal family business in partnership with other leading brands from Cuba throughout the 1960’s.  The Dosal family eventually became the sole proprietor and in 1992 with the passing of her husband, Martin Roberto Dosal, Margarita Dosal took over the family business and continues to be at the helm of the corporation, making Dosal one of the last family-owned and operated companies of its type in the Sunshine State.  

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